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Team “Molecular Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease”


Physiopathology of neurogical disorders Main domain: Cellular & molecular neuroscience Subdomain: Clinical & translational neurosciences Olga CORTI & Jean-Christophe CORVOL’s team proposes a multidimensional clinical, genetic/genomic and cell biology-based program aimed at deciphering and integrating the molecular heterogeneity and biological complexity of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) towards translation to clinical research.


Specific aims are

  • To identify new molecular determinants of PD, including genes, modifiers of progression or response to treatment and non-coding genetic elements accounting for cell-specific effects
  • To explore pathways to disease, with a focus on PINK1/Parkin dysregulation and its impact on neuronal vulnerability to stress and immune cell function
  • To use new findings to develop clinical-genetic models for predictive/precision medicine.

Major publications

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Team members

  • Alexis BRICE

    MD, Professor of medical genetics, Sorbonne University-AP-HP

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  • David GRABLI

    Principal Investigator, MD, PhD, PU-PH, Sorbonne University, AP-HP

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  • Hélène CHEVAL

    Principal Investigator, PhD, MCU, Sorbonne University

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  • Louise-Laure MARIANI

    Porteur de Projet PD, PhD, MCU-PH Sorbonne Université-AP-HP

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  • Philippe RAVASSARD

    Principal Investigator, PhD, CR1, CNRS

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  • Suzanne LESAGE

    Principal Investigator, PhD, IR-HC, INSERM

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