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Paris Brain Institute works in close collaboration with Sorbonne Université (SU), the highest-ranked university in France, and international partner universities to develop innovative programmes to promote excellence in education in neuroscience and diseases of the nervous system.
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The Open Brain School

The Open Brain School


Institut du Cerveau – ICM proposes a wide range of different training and education programmes for the neuro-expert and the neuro-curious.

Education benefits innovation and individuals and here at Institut du Cerveau – ICM, we believe it all starts with the brain.


Our high-quality programmes led by experts in the field are spread across four main axes :


Open brain school training programmes

Up to date, 12 education programmes are created and dedicated to junior to senior international researchers, PIs, PhD and post-doc students, paramedical staff, medical students engineers.



The objective is to foster new collaborations and innovative projects, to do so the Institut du Cerveau – ICM has chosen to work on 4 axes:

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