Symposium du Gender Equity Movement

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Harness XX Initiative neuroscientific expertise to provide a scientific perspective on gender biases and break societal stereotypes

About this event


How can neurosciences shed light on gender bias and societal stereotypes and how can they help to counteract them? These two questions will be at the heart of an online event, which will be held online on Friday, on April 8th, 2022, from 9 AM to 6 PM, on the topic of Gender Bias: Sciences & Practices.   

Unconscious biases and stereotypes are a powerful influence behind almost all of our choices. Despite egalitarian norms and despite the evidence that diverse teams are more successful, social prejudices continue pulling strings implicitly, creating e.g. gender or racial biases. The first and most important step in the struggle against our own implicit shortcuts is to raise awareness of such existing biases. The neuroscientific community is at the forefront not only of demonstrating the pervasiveness of unconscious biases, but also of understanding their cognitive origins and actively contributing to breaking the societal stereotypes that feed them. 


This workshop will gather world-class international scientists, scholars and participants from the private and public sectors to address issues associated with gender biases. The speakers will cover the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying such biases, and discuss their expression in all domains and stages of our lives, from primary to higher education, and in the workplace, with academia being no exception. Real-world examples of strategies aimed at fighting gender bias will also be reported through evidence-based approaches and discussed in round tables open to online Question & Answers.  


This workshop is organized by the XX Initiative at Paris Brain Institute. It is free to everyone interested (registration link below) via a live online broadcast on Zoom. A simultaneous translation into French by professional interpreters will be offered via Zoom to facilitate exchanges between the speakers and the listeners. 


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Program 2022


  • Mariam CHAMMAT (French Behavioral Insights Unit)
  • Rawan CHARAFEDDINE (Université de Lorraine)
  • Wim DE NEYS (CNRS/Paris Descartes/Brussel)
  • Pierre DESCHAMPS (Sciences Po/Stockholm University)
  • David DOUKHAN (Institut national de l’audiovisuel)
  • Naomi ELLEMERS (Utrecht University)
  • Lena MOROZOVA-FRIHA (EuropaNova)
  • Albert MOUKHEIBER (Chiasma, Paris)
  • Karim N’DIAYE (Paris Brain Institute & XX Initiative)
  • Susanne QUADFLIEG (University of Bristol, England)
  • Gina RIPPON (Aston University, Birmingham)
  • Christiane SCHREIWEIS (Paris Brain Institute & XX Initiative)
  • Tal SEIDEL-MALKINSON (Paris Brain Institute & XX Initiative)
  • Emmanuelle VOLLE (Paris Brain Institute & XX Initiative)
  • Camille WILLIAMS (ENS, Paris)

Program by speakers



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Webinar number: 946 2224 6223

By phone (from France): +33170379729,,94622246223#

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