International Affairs

At the crossroads of international and national research

The Institut du Cerveau – ICM is part of a national, European and international network, bringing together the major research centers in order to meet the scientific research and training missions. With nearly 300 collaborations developed around the world, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM strengthens its international influence. These several collaborations allow to share our discoveries and to conduct joint research programs. Exchange programs are set up to develop training actions and sharing of expertise.

The research undertaken at the Institut du Cerveau – ICM is assessed by an International Scientific Advisory Board made up of specialists from around the world.

The Institut du Cerveau – ICM enjoys a dual reputation: as a medical and scientific research hub, with the resources to attract top-level investigators, and as a worldwide producer of new scientific knowledge.

The Institut du Cerveau – ICM’s ambitious research programs call for close cooperation with the most prestigious research centers in France and across the world.


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