The biological resources platform DNA & Cell Bank

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The DNA & Cell Bank platform is a Biological Resource Center (BRC), specialized in the management of biological samples and their associated data. The Bank provides services for the generation, conservation and availability to the Institute’s research teams of the biological resources of human origin necessary for their work. It manages biological samples and derivatives (DNA, RNA, blood cells and fibroblasts, biological fluids (plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid)) from 66,700 people representing 57 pathologies, mostly neurological and psychiatric.

The platform also offers its services to research teams from other institutions and to industrial players whose projects require high-level skills.

The Bank has been certified since 2009 for its quality management according to the NF S96-900 standard of the CRB, derived from ISO 9001. It regularly develops its services according to the wishes of researchers and by integrating the major changes in the field of BRCs.


Scientific manager : Alexis BRICE
Operational manager : Sylvie FORLANI

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