Giving opportunities

"Paris Brain Institute is set on accelerating what we know about the brain and revolutionizing the way we treat brain-related diseases and disorders. Our hope: help close to one billion patients worldwide! In the past 10 years, remarkable results already led to the development of new treatments. We plan to increase our efforts, develop new skills, innovate, again and again, in the way we do research. Our partners and donors are essential stakeholders in this endeavor. Private donations play an invaluable role in accelerating research. Together, we can build the future of neuroscience." Prof. Gérard Saillant, President of Paris Brain Institute
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Paris Brain Institute is launching The Brain Challenge, a fundraising campaign with a $125-million goal to fuel the next wave of discoveries and innovations.

With support from donors around the world, Paris Brain Institute will

  • Promote Bold Research

By offering competitive recruitment packages to recruit best-in-class researchers and funding the development of high-risk multidisciplinary research projects through a competitive program: the Big Brain Theory.

  • Generate New Knowledge

By offering physicians and scientists the latest equipment and technologies, operated by highly trained and competent staff, to study brain structures that were previously inaccessible.

  • Create Tools for A Personalized Medicine

By strengthening the institute’s neuroinformatics capacities to develop revolutionary diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

  • Develop Pioneering Treatments

By increasing its clinical research capacities, “proof of concept” studies and its support to start-ups.

  • Share Knowledge

By developing innovative neuroscience-based training programs and creating the first international and interdisciplinary school in neuroscience The Open Brain School.