Open / close summary

Neurotrials is the early clinical development unit of the Paris Brain Institute

Composed of highly skilled professional from academic and industrial background, Neurotrials operates as a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO), specialized in proof-of-concept clinical trials (phase Ib/ phase IIa) in Neurology and Psychiatry.

An unique ecosystem

Neurotrials leverages its unique ecosystem within the Paris Brain Institute, and and Paris University Hospitals (Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris / APH-HP), comprising world-renowned experts, finely characterized patients and cutting-edge research technologies to accelerate product development with innovative, reliable, cost-effective solutions, under the most rigorous Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Quality Assurance (QA) system.

Neurotrials is based within the Paris Brain Institute’s where it collaborates with in-house privileged partners for the clinical studies that require it, such as for instance:

  • The Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) dedicated to neurosciences,
  • The CENIR platform (Center for Neuro-imaging) and PANAM (Physiology and Analysis of Movement) core facilities.
  • The Biological Resource Center DNA and Cell Biobank
“Neurotrials combines the scientific excellence of academics and the efficiency of industry to optimize product development”, Louise-Laure MARIANI, Head of Neurotrials & Medical Lead, MD, PhD, Associate Professor in neuropharmacology.
“Neurotrials offers operational excellence in running and delivering phase Ib/IIa clinical studies in brain diseases”, Pierre GEORGES FRANCOIS, Clinical Operations Manager.