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Today, medicine relieves and sometimes heals. Tomorrow, thanks to the ICM, it can repair. For this, we must act. Act fast. Act now.

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against all neurological diseases

Because 1 in 8 people is affected by these diseases, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM is the first international institute against the diseases that invalidate and break the lives of so many families

img-rechercheAccelerate research

Our organization promotes cross-disciplinary and transversal collaboration between specialists from different fields. A contributing factor to “transcend” their skills and produce better results.

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Your donations are eligible for a tax reduction equal to 66% of income payments to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income. Specific tax receipt will be sent on request.

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How to give from outside of France ?

The Institut du Cerveau – ICM, certified by the Fondation de France, can now receive donations through the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network. Institut du Cerveau – ICM donors residing in a selection of European countries are now eligible to receive tax benefits in their country of tax residence.
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