Open / close summary
The Institut du Cerveau – ICM and the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital need to facilitate the setting-up of tools and an organization which can be rapidly spread throughout the country. Clinical research at the Institut du Cerveau – ICM is already well positioned and benefits from a high capacity to recruit patients (over 90,000 annual consultations.) The Clinical Investigation Center, already in existence when the Institut du Cerveau – ICM was set up now has 20 years’ experience and today makes use of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM’s resources :
  • Of the 27 research teams (over 500 researchers and technicians), most of whom are specialized in clinical research, in healthy people and in patients, from neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS etc.) to epilepsy, but also multiple sclerosis, various neuro-genetic diseases etc.


  • One floor (2500 m²) is dedicated exclusively to clinical research, including the CIC, as well as the presence of 10 caregivers, 3 technicians, many physicians and post-doc researchers, 17 places in hospital day care and 10 beds.