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2nd quarter 2023

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: from Charcot to today

1st quarter 2023 

We’re all concerned with brain research! 



4th quarter 2022

Strokes affect 15 million people worldwide every year


3rd quarter 2022

Rare neurological diseases: The thousands of patients affected by them motivate our most ambitious research

2nd quarter 2022

Data science for the benefit of patients

1st quarter 2022

Neurodegenerative diseases: causes and consequences of the death of neurons



4th quarter 2021

Clinical trials: where research and medicine meet

3rd quarter 2021

Epilepsy : when the electricity in our brain goes wild

2nd quarter 2021

From the microscope to personalised treatments: a winning strategy in Parkinson’s disease

1st quarter 2021

Multiple sclerosis, patients may hold the key to slowing the disease




> 4th quarter 2022 – Psychiatric disorders, what we know and what we think we know. 

> 3rd quarter 2022 – Alzheimer’s disease under the microscope: From diagnosis to prognosis

> 2nd quarter 2022 – The Paris Brain Institute confronts pediatric brain diseases 

> 1st quarter 2022 – 10 years of progress and innovation in the service of patients 



> 4th quarter 2022 – Special report strokes

> 3rd quarter 2022 – Rare neurological diseases 

> 2nd quarter 2022 – How the brain works

> 1st quarter 2022 – Neuroinformatics