The Grants office

The Grants office within the Institute provides assistance in sourcing and structuring research grants proposals for national, European and international competitive grants.
Open / close summary

The Grants office provides a range of professional services to the Institut du Cerveau – ICM community and is also available to external enquiries to build collaborative proposals.


These services include:

  1. Collecting and distributing appropriate information on funding sources, both in France and abroad.
  2. Providing both scientific and administrative guidance and services to academic staff members in all matters regarding submission of applications for research grants (to external and internal funding sources).
  3. Negotiating and committing contractual relationships with funding sources.
  4. Monitoring, follow-ups, meeting deadlines and scientific reporting of the different sponsored research projects.

The Institut du Cerveau – ICM administrative services provides scientists with an effective support in research management, and help researchers to meet their contractual and financial obligations. Several FP7 grants are already managed on-site (Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, ERC grants, collaborative projects such as IMI projects), as well as one Horizon 2020 collaborative project. Several teams involved in European and international projects are hosted by the Institut du Cerveau – ICM. Institut du Cerveau – ICM’s public partners have been involved in hundreds of research and training programmes over the years and a lot of them are hosted within the Institut du Cerveau – ICM premises.


For example, since 2011 the Institut du Cerveau – ICM hosted 7 ERC prestigious grants:

  • Mathias Pessiglione: co-leader of the “Motivation, Brain and behaviour” team, he was awarded an ERC Starting Grants in 2011.
  • Richard Miles: leader of the “Cortex and epilepsy” team, he was awarded an ERC advanced Grants in 2012.
  • Frédéric Darios: researcher in the “Molecular bases, physiopathology and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases” team, he was awarded an ERC Starting Grants in 2012.
  • Claire Wyart: leader of the “Probing dynamic sensory-motor integration in spinal circuits”, she was awarded an ERC Starting Grants in 2012
  • Stanley Durrleman: researcher in the “Aramis mathematical and algorithms models for processing images and signals of the human brain”, he was awarded an ERC Starting Grants in 2016.
  • Edor Kabashi: leader of the “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis treatment: from genetics to zebrafish” team, he was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grants in 2016.
  • Stéphanie Baulac: co-leader of the “Genetics and physiopathology of family epilepsies” team, she was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grants in 2016.


For any questions, please contact the Grants office.