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The Data Analysis Core facility 

Data Analysis Core facility (DAC) provides support in data processing, data governance, analysis, and interpretation of fundamental and clinical neuroscience research data. The DAC is organized into four divisions:  


Omics analysis 

The omics analysis division is specialized in the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, including genomics (gene panel, whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing), transcriptomics (bulk RNA-seq, non-coding RNA, small RNA, splicing variants), single-cell RNA-seq, spatial transcriptomics, epigenetics (methylation, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq), and long-reads technologies (ONT). Automated pipelines are developed for reproducibility and scalability and implemented on specialized high-performance servers. Graphical user interfaces are developed to explore transcriptomics data from bulk and single-cell RNA-seq experiments (QuBy), and variants identified within its research studies (DejaVu). 


Image analysis 

The image analysis division assists researchers in analyzing images from all imaging technologies in close collaboration with the QUANT, CENIR & Histomics platforms, and includes photonics/electro-microscopy and neuroimaging. The division provides project-based assistance in AI-based segmentation and classification and develops tools and analysis for morphological analyses and descriptive statistics.  


Statistics and methodology 

The statistics and methodology division provides expert support in statistical analysis and provides methodological support for any part of a research project, from power analyses to statistical modelling, visualization, and interpretation. The division responds to current needs and anticipates future development by developing new statistical methods to deal with the integrative analysis of high-dimensional and multimodal data collected and researched at the institute. 


Data governance & open science 

The data governance & open science division implements the institute’s vision of maximizing the impact of its research by providing tools and guidance to researchers for exploiting the potential of their data collection. The division assists in the implementation of the institute’s data management policy in concert with the technical and regulatory committee (CART) and aids in the creation and maintenance of researchers’ data management plans. The division develops and provides technical support for relational databases with secure web interfaces, supported by a shared data model, which covers the range of data collected and researched at the institute. 

Scientific leader: Violetta ZUJOVIC
Operational manager: Stephen WHITMARSH

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