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Donor support is playing a key role in accelerating the rate of discoveries and shaping the future of neuroscience. Paris Brain Institute identified five priorities that need your support.
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Major discoveries often stem from research at the interface of different scientific fields. Giving researchers the opportunity and the means to let their creativity unfold and conduct research off ordinary paths is key for the next scientific breakthrough to emerge.

Our ambition

Attract new talents, help transversal projects come to life, and ensure research teams have access to the expertise and technology they need to carry them out

Why does your support matter?

Because the therapeutic breakthroughs of the next decades will come from the fundamental work we are supporting today.


The brain is the most complex organ in the body and there is still a lot we ignore about it. Understanding its mechanisms and its pathologies is key to preventing and curing neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Our ambition

Use the latest exploration technologies to better understand the brain, its pathologies and how to treat them.

Why does your support matter?

New technologies open a window on previously unreachable knowledge and create opportunities to ask and answer new scientific questions.

Combined with Paris Brain Institute’ strengths, such as direct access to rare biological resources and large cohorts of patients with neurological diseases, these technologies will enable researchers to collect unprecedented data on the normal and pathological brain at all levels.


Researchers and clinicians collect an increasing amount of data. How we use this data can make a big difference in the way we diagnose and treat patients with neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.

Our ambition

Develop revolutionary tools for diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases by creating a multidisciplinary neuroinformatics hub gathering expertise from various fields.

Why does your support matter?

Neuro-data-science will eventually help predict the onset and progression of pathologies, implement care strategies early on, and help doctors tailor treatments to the individual profile of each patient.


The increasing cost of neurological and psychiatric diseases for patients, their families and society in general calls for a new impulse. We need to make treatments available for patients faster.

Our ambition

Become the top treatment innovation hub in Europe Accelerate the transformation of scientific discoveries into therapeutic applications

Why does your support matter?

Fueling the innovation pipeline is essential to get therapeutic solutions to patients faster.


Most existing training programs in neuroscience do not offer a transdisciplinary approach. Yet, fostering dialogue between clinicians and researchers as early as their initial training is key for innovative research avenues to emerge.

In addition, the study of the brain can help shed a new light on many societal issues – from education methods to well-ageing.

Our ambition

Create a world-renowned neuroscience school: the Open Brain School

Why does your support matter?

The Open Brain School will set a new standard of excellence in education for research trainees in neuroscience, clinicians as well as scientists. It will also make neuroscience education available to anyone so that citizens can become actors of their own brain health.


To know more about how your support can in a very concrete way help advance each of these five priorities, please reach out to your contact.