The cellular engineering and vectorology platform

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The Cell Engineering and Vectorology platform is specialized in cell culture. It offers to the research teams of the institute a plural expertise in three fields

Cellular models of brain and spinal cord pathologies with the provision of services and training as well as the availability of premises/equipment dedicated to cell culture and flow cytometry. ICVCC
The generation and genetic modification of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) (specialized adult cells reprogrammed into pluripotent cells, i.e. capable of transforming into all types of cells that make up the organism) ICV-IPS
The development of molecular tools for gene transfer, derived from modified, harmless viruses, converted into gene carriers, the basis of ICV-V gene therapies
The platform also offers its services to research teams from other institutions and to industrial players whose projects require high-level skills.

Scientific Director: Philippe Ravassard

Operational manager: Laetitia Strehl (Cell culture and flow cytometry), Stéphanie Bigou (iPS), Blandine Bonnamy (Vectorology)

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