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The program NeurAL – Neurosciences Acceleration Launchpad by Paris Brain Institute – operates as a launchpad for your ideas. It is the perfect place to validate your scientific project and develop a solid business model and strategy.

With this program, we are blazing a new path for sourcing innovative early-stage projects on therapeutics, medical technologies, and digital solutions from renowned worldwide academic research institutions with a focus on neurosciences and neurological disorders.

The program will select every year the most promising projects with the goal to create or accelerate early stage healthtech companies.

We aim to develop the technology up to a significant Seed financing.



During this 12-month program for early-stage projects or startups, you will focus on 1/producing high value data, 2/develop convincing roadmaps for investors and 3/structure your core business.

Through participation in the program, we will introduce you to methods and strategies to help you reach the next development stage of your product. We will work together on your go-to-market strategy, regulatory, communication, financing, investor prep and much more.

Throughout the program every project will get a business referee in charge of the good progress of the project and putting together the right mentor and resource for your technology and future company.  Most importantly, you will also get a product development referee helping you to map the data needed to convince investors.

Every step is structured with:

  • Mentor session to brainstorm and advance the roadmap
  • Access to digital trainings on every topic
  • Deliverables to either strengthen the data set, advance the developments, or structure the future company.

The objective is to push the technology to a TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 5-6 and beyond by the end of this acceleration program.




Researchers, engineers in neurosciences



Young graduates (Engineering, PhD or Post-doc)



Young start-ups (less than one year old)