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Making work easier for researchers

In leading, coordinating and managing this very high-level research work, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM
undertakes to respect the creativity of its teams and facilitate their core purpose:
research. Its administrative functions are designed to serve scientists. The Institut du Cerveau – ICM allows
its researchers to focus fully on their work, by releasing them as completely
as possible from the administrative, logistic and technical constraints that typically
hinder their activity. The design of its organizational structure aims to give investigators
freedom and flexibility along with clearly defined research objectives. These
optimal working conditions help break down barriers between teams and promote scientific synergy.

A brand new model

For its investments as well as its dayto-day operation, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM, a foundation of public benefit*, has the support of its public institutional partners: the Ile-de-France region, the city of Paris, the public financing agency Caisse des Dépôts, the public health agency Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, research institutes Inserm and CNRS and Université Pierre et Marie Curie.


The best of both worlds

From the public sector, Institut du Cerveau – ICM has statefunded researchers chosen through a stringent selection process. Its private funds make the Institute stronger and more flexible and allow it to react quickly. Sponsorships and donations are crucial in order to:

  • independently finance teams or researchers recruited from around the world based on criteria of excellence;
  • implement innovative research programs;
  • create junior and senior chairs;
  • invest in cutting-edge equipment.
© Institut du Cerveau - ICM

© Institut du Cerveau – ICM

Support the Institut du Cerveau – ICM

The support of private partners and the generosity of individuals, whether through scientific partnerships, financial sponsorship or donations of equipment or skills, are vital.
The decision to support the Institut du Cerveau – ICM is a concrete step toward ensuring the present and future well-being of millions of people around the world. To help researchers progress more rapidly and give patients tangible reasons for hope, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM needs support from each one of us.

* Decree of September 13, 2006

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