The IGenSeq genomic sequencing platform

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The iGenSeq platform (genotyping-sequencing platform) specializes in genomic analysis techniques that provide research teams with the necessary equipment to sequence the genome, i.e. the reading of DNA and its by-products such as coding RNAs, small RNAs and non-coding RNAs. This reading allows a detailed analysis of the genome, the detection of mutations or variations in gene expression and the identification of potential associations between these alterations and nervous system diseases.

Thanks to its expertise, the platform is recognized as a major player in sequencing in France, and has joined the FRANCE GENOMIQUE network in 2022.

The platform also offers its services to academic research teams outside the MHI as well as to industrial players with projects requiring high-level skills.

The services offered by iGenSeq include real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), digital PCR, next-generation high-throughput sequencing and single-cell RNA analysis, including spatial transcriptomics. Each project submitted to the platform is discussed with the researcher to optimize its design and feasibility.


Scientific Director: Stéphanie BAULAC (PhD, DR1, INSERM)

Operational Manager: Yannick MARIE (Engineer)


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