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“iPEPS-Institut du Cerveau – ICM” means “the incubator and nursery of enterprises Paris-Salpêtrière.” Eighteen months after it opened, the structure has become the first accelerator of innovation dedicated to diseases of the brain in France, and already hosts 15 partner compagnies of the Institute.

In addition to real support given to the young companies in terms of accompaniment and logistics, the incubator proposes office space, laboratories, open space, meeting rooms in more than 1000 m2; it also offers use of the advanced technological platforms in the central part of the building, facilitating interactions.

iPEPS-Institut du Cerveau – ICM not only houses enterprises that are developing new therapeutic agents but also those specialized in medical technologies, as for example EEG headsets reading electrical activity of the brain. The structure also hosts start-ups developingnnew diagnostic procedures so that patients can be treated sooner, or tools for “connected health”, like video games that help the elderly maintain their autonomy… There again, openness is a source of potential partnerships and creativity at the service of patients.

Incubated companies

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