CENIR–Human MRI Neuroimaging core facility for clinical research

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CENIR (Center for NeuroImaging Research) is the Institut du Cerveau – ICM main in vivo imaging core facility. With a core set of expertise around neurological diseases, cognitive neuroscience and image analysis, it offers academic and industrial investigators high qualityv imaging tools for investigating human brain and spinal cord. Personnel with complementary expertise (neurology, neuroimaging, neuroscience, imaging, NMR, image processing, data analysis) design protocols and run the imaging equipment for more than 80 projects each year. The use of 3T MRI, and MRI-compatible EEG creates the perfect environment to conduct neuroimaging projects.


• Clinical research: integrated studies of the physiopathology of neurological and psychiatric diseases, including clinical care and therapeutics. Protocols include all major pathologies of the nervous system: neurodegenerative diseases, white matter pathologies, epilepsy, movement disorders, psychiatry, brain plasticity and functional recovery
• Cognitive neuroscience: brain function, neural basis of cognition and behavior, aging
• Image processing: development of data processing methods and tools for functional and structural neuroimaging
• Full support from stimulation and acquisition protocols to advance data analysis


• 3 Tesla Prisma MRI (Siemens) 64 channels TIM
• 3 Tesla Trio MRI (Siemens) 32 channels TIM
• 3 Tesla PET-MRI (General Electric)
• Each MRI has its set of coils for head, neck, spine, and body imaging
• 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy
• MRI-compatible EEG system BrainMap, TMS system Magstim and optical imaging system
• MRI-compatible audio-visual and tactile stimulations systems, behavioral, oculomotor and physiological response monitoring


Stéphane Lehéricy —Scientific manager
Eric Bardinet —Operational manager
Romain Valabrègue —Research engineer, image analysis
Mathieu Santin —Non-human primate imaging
Denis Lacroix — Neuroradiologist

Radiology technicians :
Frédéric Humbert
Mélanie Didier
Stéphanie Anastacio
Ayoub Ouachani