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STARE - research internships
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We foster the development of the next generation of neuroscientists and neurologists through our early-stage training and educations programmes. The success of these programmes relies on our strong partnerships with Sorbonne University, the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, and other international partners. For more information please contact:

The International Masters in Neurodegenerative Diseases iMIND

This interdisciplinary Masters programme prepares students to become specialists in neurodegenerative disorder research.

The International Masters In Neurodegenerative Diseases (iMIND) is a joint initiative between Institut du Cerveau – ICM, Sorbonne University, and several other European universities. It is an interdisciplinary program that aims to combine the strengths of major actors in higher education and research to meet the challenges of neurodegenerative brain disorders. The iMIND programme accepts high-potential students from diverse and complementary backgrounds who are keen to specialize in neurodegenerative disorder research. iMIND is built on Sorbonne University’s Integrated biology and physiology Masters programme that has been recognized as one of the most innovative in Europe according to Reuters.

Young neuroscientists initiative – International Brain Bee

This programme is aimed at high-school students who are passionate about becoming neuroscience savvy.

After click:The International Brain Bee (IBB) is an international neuroscience competition for high school students. The mission of the Brain Bee is to help students learn about the brain and its functions, learn about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about mental and neurological illnesses.
Institut du Cerveau – ICM now runs the France Brain Bee annually. The winner of this national competition represents the French chapter in the annual competition abroad.

For more information please see here:

STARE – research internships

This programme introduces the world of research to curious medical students.

The training of medical doctors in France leaves little place for the discovery of the world of research. This short internship programme is set-up to expose third year medical students at Sorbonne University to the activities of a research team here at Institut du Cerveau – ICM. We hope that this programme will foster a greater interest in research in France’s future doctors.

The Move – Diagnosing disease through mime

The efficacy of the standard lecture approach to teaching has recently been undermined by pedagogic and neuroscience studies. We know that a more active approach to learning can really help students feel more motivated and retain more information. In partnership with Sorbonne University, Institut du Cerveau – ICM supports the development of a new method to teach medical students about neurological disorders: The Move. This training programme belongs to a broad category of simulation-based learning that is based on mime and borrows elements from the well-known TV show, The Voice (including: teams battles, coaches, and performing in front of a jury). The programme was founded by neurology professor, Emmanuel Flamand-Roze and Institut du Cerveau – ICM hosts the international competition annually.


MIT internship

This programme allows for MIT students to spend up to eight weeks working on a research project with one of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM teams. Candidates are required to provide their CV and cover letter.

Stanford internship

This programme enables Students from Stanford to spend up to eight weeks working on a research project with one of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM teams. Candidates are required to provide their CV and cover letter.