Previous page Benjamin GALET Postdoctorant, PhD Team "Molecular Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease"


  • Benjamin is a Postdoctorant in the Molecular Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease group.
  • After obtaining a BSc in Biology from the University of Bordeaux, he completed a MRes in Neuroscience and Neuropsychopharmacology as an exchange student at UC San Diego. He carried out his Masters thesis work in the laboratory of Fred Gage at the Salk Institute, where he worked on iPS modelling of Parkinson's Disease.
  • Benjamin then joined Mark Ungless' group at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre at Imperial College London in September 2014, where he studied the molecular and cellular characteristics of the dopaminergic system in a rodent model.
  • Keen to pursue the study of the pathophysiology of the dopamine system, he obtained a PhD scholarship from the University Pierre et Marie Curie to join Philippe Ravassard's group at the ICM in October 2015. His PhD project focused on the translational study of Gpr88 as a potential therapeutic target for the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, relying on an approach combining both animal models and human iPSCs.

Research work

Stem cell differentiation, minibrain, gene transfer and behavioral studies.