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Team “Physiological investigation of clinically normal and impaired cognition”


Main domain: Cognition Subdomain :  Clinical & translational neuroscience Laurent Cohen, Lionel Naccache & Paolo Bartolomeo’s team explores the neural bases of cognitive functions in humans. They work with both healthy and brain-damaged persons, using behavioral methods and a full panel of brain imaging techniques (anatomical, functional and diffusion-based MRI, EEG, MEG, intracerebral recordings).

Their goal is not only the fundamental deciphering of cognitive functions, but also the development of clinically useful tools for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients. They focus their research on:
– The generality of conscious access, the relationships between brain-body interactions and states-of-consciousness, the exploration of stream of consciousness through the dynamics of conscious states. The team will design patterns of brain stimulation to improve conscious state of non-communicating patients, and implement a novel translational tool for real time and web-based metrics of consciousness for clinical care;
– Cognitive functions and brain plasticity, investigating the cerebral mechanisms of word reading, as well as the novel functions of the visual cortex of congenitally blind individuals;
– Investigation of the precise dynamics of frontoparietal networks that control visuospatial attention.

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