The signs of a stroke can be very varied: a motor deficit, a mouth that deviates, an arm that doesn't rise properly, difficulty in expressing oneself, visual problems or numbness in a limb. They are often lateralized, meaning that they only appear on one side of the body.
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Every year in France, 140,000 people suffer a stroke. It’s important for everyone to be able to react quickly to these symptoms.

In the field of stroke, it is often said that “time is brain”. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can reduce mortality by 30% and limit the severity of the damage.

It is one of the rare pathologies, like myocardial infarction, where it is essential to contact the emergency service (SAMU 15 or fire brigade) directly at the first signs.

What are the symptoms of a cerebrovascular accident?

When the person is unable to smile, lift either arm or repeat a simple sentence, emergency services should be alerted as soon as possible. Any one of these 3 symptoms, if not explained by another pathology, constitutes a diagnosis of stroke.