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Team “Repair in Multiple Sclerosis: from biology to clinical translation “


Repair Main domain: Cellular & molecular neuroscience Subdomain : Clinical & translational neuroscience Catherine LUBETZKI & Bruno STANKOFFs team aims to tackle the mechanisms of CNS myelin repair through complementary approaches and expertise in Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders.


The team has recently developed several in vitro and in vivo approaches and models in order:

  • To investigate myelination processes in various species (mice, Xenopus, humans)
  • To select new targets and validate new pharmacological compounds based on their complementary remyelinating models.
  • To understand the molecular components and dynamics of glia-neuron interactions during remyelination
  • To gain insight into inflammation, de/remyelination as well as energy dysregulation , with the goal to determine the influence of different components on neurodegeneration in MS patients
  • To improve OPC tracers for in vivo labeling and to stratify patients for innovative clinical trials

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