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Team “Alzheimer’s disease and prion diseases ”


Physiopathology of neurogical disorders
Main domain: Cellular & molecular neuroscience
Subdomain : Clinical & translational neurosciences

Marie-Claude Potier’s and Stéphane Haïk’s Team aims at understanding the role of lipids, particularly cholesterol and ApoE, in the secretion and neuronal transport, of AB, their involvement in endosomal modifications that occur early during the course of the disease and novel mechanisms of AB toxicity identified in vivo.

The team studies the development of pre-mortem diagnostic procedures for Prion’s disease, the characterization of classical and emerging human prion strains, the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying prion strain selection, propagation and pathogenicity in the human brain.
The specific aims of the team are:

  • To manipulate interactions of cholesterol with APP to modulate Aβ40/42 production
  • To characterize endosomal compartments where APP processing takes place
  • Use discoveries for translational and clinical applications.
  • To investigate whether the meningeal lymphatic system is involved in the clearance of Aβ and Prp
  • To determine whether specific strains could be isolated from AD patients with distinct clinic-pathological phenotypes

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