Previous page Benoit DELATOUR Principal Investigator, PhD, CR1, CNRS Team “Alzheimer’s disease and prion diseases ”

Research work

Multidisciplinary study of AD mouse models. Our goal is twofold. First we investigate the morpho-functional consequences of Aß deposition. We have evidenced that plaques-bearing mice undergo significant brain atrophy, white matter damage, neuronal loss, decreased neurogenic activity and age-related neurological / cognitive impairments. Second, we have used mice models as elegant tools to implement new imaging strategies to detect in vivo AD brain lesions. Finally, the rationale of our work on animal models is 1) to dissect the histopathological markers of AD and their clinical relevance to trigger subsequent therapeutical assays. 2) to develop new neuroimaging methods for early detection of the disease. Interests : Alzheimer's disease, neuropathology, animal models, animal behavior, histology


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