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Created in 2012, The Ajites is a group of people from different professions and expertise working at Institut du Cerveau – ICM.

Our aim is that of bringing together the young Institut du Cerveau – ICM community, be they grad students, postdocs, ITA or others.

We propose social and scientific activities to make the Institut du Cerveau – ICM a livelier and friendlier place to work at. These interactions give opportunities for young researchers to meet and expand their network in a fun and stimulating environment. We keep informed on novel scientific discoveries at the Institute and its community.

Activities such as happy hours to relax or strategy games to thrill, informal journal clubs (Sci-Pi) to exchange ideas, Yoga classes to breathe in the middle of the day and Salsa lessons to end on a bright note are just some of the activities we have develop over the years.

The association is structured around a board (CA) which meets once a month to make decisions and decide orientations.

Find all informations about the AJITES on the website.