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Team “Cellular mechanisms of sensory processing”


Cellular physiology of cortical microcircuits Main domain: Neurophysiology Nelson REBOLA ‘s team aims to understand how the diversity in synaptic properties found between communicating neurons shapes information processing in the brain. Presently the team is investigating how variability in biophysical properties and synaptic densities of a particular subtype of glutamate receptor, the NMDA receptor, in somatosensory neurons impacts the processing of sensory information.


The team is also interested particular interested in identifying the cellular basis for ketamine actions, a proposed NMDA receptor antagonist with potent antidepressant actions, in neocortical circutis.

To achieve the proposed objectives the team is using state of the art in vitro and vivo electrophysiology tools together with two-photon imaging. The main objectives are:

  • Estimate the functional relevance of NMDAR diversity in cortical glutamatergic neurons
  • Study the impact of NMDARs in signal computation among cortical interneurons
  • Explore the functional relationship between endogenous NMDAR modulators and NMDAR diversity in cortical neurons.





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