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Team “Myelin plasticity and regeneration”


Repair Main domain: Cellular & molecular neurosciences Subdomain : Clinical & translational neurosciences Brahim NAIT OUMESMAR & Violetta ZUJOVIC’s team aims at providing better insight into the mechanisms of myelin plasticity and regeneration. Compelling evidences indicate that oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) sense neuronal activity and immune cells signaling, highlighting the importance of these crosstalk’s in (re)-myelination. Therefore, our research project will rely on three major aims to decipher:
  • The role of i)neuronal activity and ii) immune cells in oligodendrocyte differentiation, regeneration and myelin repair, unraveling their relevance in human oligodendrocyte differentiation;
  • To develop innovative tools to identify and assess the therapeutic value of new pro-myelinating compounds.

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Team members


    Principal Investigator, DR Emeritus, INSERM

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  • Lamia BOUSLAMA

    Principal Investigator, PhD, MCU, Sorbonne Université

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