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Team “Control- Interoception – Attention”


Goal directed behavior, social, moral cognition, motivation Main domain: Cognition Subdomain : Clinical & translational neurosciences Philippe FOSSATI & Liane SCHMIDT ’s team aims to understand how cognitive control processes integrate external and internal signals, and how this integration takes place on behavioral and neural levels, in healthy subjects and patients with impaired cognitive control (i.e., in depression and obesity).

The team will:

– Investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms that mediate the effect of expectancies and mindsets on judgment and behavior
– Explore the role of motivation and cognitive biases on response to medical treatments;
– Attempt to disentangle impaired cognitive control in the establishment of depression or obesity.

Major publications

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Team members


    Principal Investigator, MD, MCU, Sorbonne University, INSEAD

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  • Jean-Yves ROTGE

    Principal Investigator, MD, MCU-PH, Sorbonne University, AP-HP

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  • Léonie KOBAN

    PhD, Principal Investigator

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