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Team “Dynamics of Epileptic Networks and Neuronal Excitability”


Dynamics and physiopathology of neural networks, epilepsy Main domain: Neurophysiology Subdomain : Clinical & translational neurosciences Our team investigates the pathophysiological processes making the brain epileptic (epileptogenesis) and how the mechanisms responsible for the occurrence of seizures (ictogenesis). These two dimensions of epileptic diseases are explored using a translational and multiscale strategy: from validated animal models to clinical semiology and from single neurons to large scale networks. Specifically, the research includes in vivo EEG and cell recordings from both human epileptic patients and animal models exhibiting spontaneous (genetic models) or provoked (drugs or stimulation-induced) seizures.


The central goal of our team is to establish mechanistic-causal links between single neuron properties and large-scale brain dynamics, an approach requires to elucidate the different facets of the pathophysiology of focal to generalized epilepsies. In complement of this research, the team explores extreme brain conditions with abnormal and sustained electrical activities (from isoelectric status to status epilepticus, up to near-death states).



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