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Team “Neurophysiology of Repetitive Behaviors”


Adaptive Behavior, Cortico - Basal Ganglia circuits, DBS/Optogenetic Main domain: Neurophysiology Subdomain : Cognition Eric BURGUIERE’s team aims to implement an ambitious translational approach to characterize neurofunctional basis of normal and pathological repetitive behaviors. The main focus of the team is to study neurophysiological dynamics underlying the automatization of motivated behaviours and its contextual adaptation. The team has access to both patients and animal models suffering from pathological repetitive behaviors.

The three main objectives are:

  • To characterize the behavioural componentsunderlying normal and pathological repetitive behaviors
  • To determine the neural circuits which participate to the acquisition and regulation of repetitive behaviors
  • To identify the micro-circuitry whichmodulatethe neural activity within these circuits.

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