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Team “Cellular physiology of cortical microcircuits”


Main domain : Neurophysiology Alberto Bacci’s team investigates the microcircuits of the cerebral cortex. In particular, the team is interested in the synaptic and plasticity properties of synapses originating from a highly diverse population of neurons forming stereotyped cortical circuits. To this aim, the lab uses a battery of ex vivo and in vivo neurophysiological approaches.

Four major projects:

  • The identification of layer- and interneuron-specific forms of plasticity, their molecular mechanisms and functional roles
  • The functional role of an elusive inhibitory interneuron subtype during sensory processing
  • The search of the cellular and molecular determinants of dendritic inhibitory synapses;
  • The identification of the physiological role of perineuronal nets (PNNs) and the synaptic mechanism by which they restrict cortical plasticity

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