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Team “Neuronal Circuits & Brain Dynamics”


We are interested in how neuronal circuits are organized and how the collective action of neurons gives rise to the emergent complex brain dynamics and behavior.
We focus on how neurochemicals and bodily signals influence the brain.
  • We study how the simultaneous release of neuromodulators, such as dopamine and serotonin, influences the activity of neurons and the coordination of brain regions
  • We also study how bodily signals, such as breathing, serve as fundamental elements of the oscillatory circuit architecture
  • We employ our approach to study the brain dynamics during behavior and sleep and their involvement in the transformation of fleeting experiences into long-term memories

To answer these fundamental questions about the nature and function of the brain, we combine a range of cutting-edge neurotechnologies that enable us to observe and control the activity of the brain.


Using these approaches, we aim to identify and explore the fundamental principles of neural circuit organization and apply our understanding for the improvement of the human condition.

Team members