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Vectorology core facility.

Scientific manager: Philippe RAVASSARD (PhD, CR1, CNRS)

Operational manager: To be determined


The Vector core facility produces viral tools for gene transfer highly concentrated under different scales. iVector is specialized in lentiviral systems as it benefits in house from the experience of the biotechnology and biotherapy Institut du Cerveau – ICM/CNRS team. Since the use of adenoviruses and AAV systems in the field of research in neurobiology is constantly increasing, iVector has developed production of AAV serotypes 2, retro2 & 9 as well as canine adenovirus CAV-2 in addition to its lentiviral system. iVector is making these tools available for any academic and industrial partner. iVector implements continuously in his services portfolio gene transfer innovative technologies (ie: CRISPRs, Split-reporters, DNA/RNA based libraries, …) to allow new approaches in basic research and lead to new applications in genetic engineering, curative and regenerative medicine (gene and cell therapy, tissue engineering and vaccines). iVector premises for production and manipulation of viral particles were designed to match both Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) and Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) in accordance to national and European regulations. We have access to, we develop, a large and various collection of viral vectors that allows us to provide quickly a tailored solution that fits researchers’ needs for their in vitro and in vivo applications.