Brain tumours are not generally hereditary, except in specific contexts, but genetic markers (polymorphisms) have been identified that very slightly increase the risk of developing this type of cancer for a given individual.
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This genetic predisposition is only expressed after exposure to one or more environmental factors that have yet to be identified with any certainty.

At the Institut du Cerveau, research into the polymorphisms involved in predisposition to developing brain tumours requires the study of a very large patient population. The research team led by Prof Marc SANSON and Dr Emmanuelle HUILLARD is taking part in this research as part of an international consortium. In 2017, a pan-genomic (i.e. whole genome) study was carried out on a population of 1,496 brain tumour patients and 18,190 healthy controls.

To date, 25 polymorphisms have been identified as increasing the risk of developing a brain tumour.

To find out more about this study: https://institutducerveau-icm.org/en/actualite/new-genes-involved-in-brain-tumors/