TV PROGRAM “COMPLEMENT D’ENQUETE” at the Brain and Spine Institute broadcasted the 17/01 on France 2

Research Published January 18 2013
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Memory: I forgot everything


For years, doctors, researchers and scientists devote their energy to explore the brain. They aim to understand the secrets of our memories with the hope to repair it one day and found vaccines against Alzheimer’s disease and study our children’s behavior. Could the abuse of computers, smartphones, memory “embedded” jeopardize their memory skills?


“COMPLEMENT D’ENQUETE” has been able to share the daily life of these patients without markers and interview professionals: Professor Bruno Dubois, PU-PH team leader “cognition, neuroimaging and brain disease” at the Institut du Cerveau – ICM – Brain and Spine Institute; Daniel Tammet, writer, “autistic Asperger hypermnésique” and Alain Lieury, expert in cognitive psychology, specialized in memory school.


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