Summer School 2019 - Brain to Market

Event Published September 12 2019


Open / close summary

Looking back to the Brain to Market Summer School, a program  combining neuroscience and entrepreneurship training.

Once again, this year, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM has organized a 5 days meeting with neuroscience and entrepreneurship courses. The program, conducted in English, aims to develop mind-set and skills needed to innovate in health care and research fields.

Last week, more than 36 students and employees from different origins joined the Brain to Market Summer School, dedicated this year to post stroke rehabilitation.

In order to provide a high quality training, different profiles had been selected to participate to this session: scientists, engineers, sales representative, but also designers. This huge diversity of participants, both in skills and origins, substantially enhanced the program.

After a 2 days of intense training, and 2 days of work in groups, participants were able to present their team project.  This year, the lucky winners have been selected for their interactive wall project! Congratulations!

We will keep you informed soon but we want there to thanks stakeholders, coachs, and all the team for their involvement.

Thank you also to our sponsors SBT and Medtronic for their support during this 2019 session.

SBT Medtronic