Stepwise target controllability identifies dysregulations of macrophage networks in multiple sclerosis

Research Published May 6 2021
Open / close summary
Violetta ZUJOVIC, INSERM researcher and Team Leader and Fabrizio De VICO FALLANI, INRIA researcher at the Paris Brain Institute just published in Network Neuroscience.
Identifying the nodes able to drive the state of a network is crucial to understand, and eventually control, biological systems. Despite recent advances, such identification remains difficult because of the huge number of equivalent controllable configurations, even in relatively simple networks.

Based on the evidence that in many applications it is essential to test the ability of individual nodes to control a specific target subset, we develop a fast and principled method to identify controllable driver-target configurations in sparse and directed networks. We demonstrate our approach on simulated networks and experimental gene networks to characterize macrophage dysregulation in human subjects with multiple sclerosis.