Stéphanie Baulac receives the international epileptology award from the Michael foundation

Event Published April 18 2019
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Stéphanie Baulac, head of the “Genetics and physiopathology of epilepsy” at Institut du Cerveau – ICM, receives the international “Michael Prize” award for her research in the field of epilepsy.


The 2019 Michael-Prize was awarded Stéphanie Baulac, team leader at Institut du Cerveau – ICM, and the Canadian epileptologist Birgit Frauscher.


This award acknowledges the  pioneering work of Stéphanie Baulac’s team on  the identification of brain somatic second-hit mutational mechanisms in DEPDC5-related epilepsies, and the characterization of a focal and mosaic mouse model of Depdc5-deficiency recapitulating features of epilepsy associated with FCD.

Every year, the Michael-Prize is awarded to researchers for their work in the field of epilepsy. It promotes the development of scientific and clinical research on this pathology and in epileptology.


The Michael Prize 2019 will be officially awarded at the 33th International Epilepsy Congress in Bangkok (June 22 – 26, 2019).


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