Stanley Durrleman, winner of the Inria – Young researcher Prize of the French Academy of Sciences

Event Published November 24 2020
Stanley Durrleman
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Stanley Durrleman, co-leader of the “ARAMIS – Algorithms, Models and Methods for Images and Signals of the Human Brain” team at the Paris Brain Institute, received the Inria Young researcher prize from the French Academy of Sciences for his work.

This €20,000 prize rewards the work of Stanley Durrleman and his team on the development of statistical learning methods and the design of predictive models of the evolution of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. He has developed algorithms capable of predicting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients over the next four years. This tool could play a key role in evaluating the effectiveness of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases.

I am very honoured to receive this prestigious award. It is recognition of work that has been built at the frontier between several disciplines: mathematics, computer science, neuroscience and medicine. We are now looking to use our tools to help demonstrate the effectiveness of promising treatments by administering them at the right time to the right patient. ”

Stanley Durrleman


Scientific teams

Team “Algorithms, Models and Methods for Images and Signals of the Human Brain ”
Team leader
Methodology and neuroimaging Main domain: Clinical & translational neurosciences Olivier COLLIOT & Stanley DURRLEMAN’s team, the ARAMIS team aims to build numerical models of brain diseases from multimodal patient data based on the development of specific data-driven approaches.   The main research axes are
  • Integrate multimodal neuroimaging data (PET, microstructure, ASL) to fully characterize alterations
  • Model the temporal dynamics of disease
  • Model brain networks
  • Integrate imaging with other types of data (in particular omics and clinical data)
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