Prof. Catherine Lubetzki, winner of the Prix Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier 2021

Published December 9 2021
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Prof. Catherine Lubetzki, winner of the Prize Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier 2021 for her work on myelin regeneration in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Awarded every three years, the Prize Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier rewards an internationally recognised researcher, doctor or scientist and/or his or her team for a major contribution to a biomedical discovery leading to a therapeutic application.

The Prize Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier dedicated this year to neurodegenerative pathologies has been awarded to Professor Catherine Lubetzki, Head of the Neuroscience Department of AP-HP Sorbonne University and Medical Director of the Brain Institute. It honours the career of a clinical researcher mainly dedicated to MS who has constantly combined basic research with her clinical activity of therapeutic management and support for many MS patients.

The Paris Brain Institut is delighted to receive this award, which recognises the work of Catherine Lubetzki and her team in developing experimental models, understanding the mechanisms involved and identifying therapeutic targets, leading to the initiation of therapeutic trials in patients with multiple sclerosis. In addition, the imaging work carried out under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Stankoff, who co-leads the research team, has made it possible to quantify demyelination and remyelination in humans and has thus highlighted inter-individual heterogeneity in myelin repair capacities.

The prize of 250,000 euros will be awarded to the research team “Remyelination in multiple sclerosis: from biology to clinical translation” co-directed by Professors Catherine Lubetzki and Bruno Stankoff at the Paris Brain Institute.