Published March 29 2021
Open / close summary

The objective of the new scientific domain (Computational modelling in neuroscience) is to recognise the particular interdisciplinary experience of some researchers at Paris Brain Institute. Up to now people using a computational neuroscience approach were included in the other domains and applied their expertise in their host team. This new domain will give them the opportunity to share their vision – complementary with the vision of the other domains – to the institute scientific and medical COPIL. 

The major aims of the PIs in the new domain are:

 – Mathematical and computational modelling of multi-scale brain mechanisms ranging from molecular/cellular processeslarge-scale integrated structure and dynamics (eg, anatomo-functional interactions), to cognition and behavior.

 – Development of data-mining methods including network sciencesignal/image processingmachine learning and AI, for data interpretation and analysis and for better diagnosis and prognosis in neurological and psychiatric diseases;

–  Development of scientific software and engineering tools for neuroscience applications.