Neurodegenerative diseases: a dedicated workshop at the Paris Brain Institute

Event Published February 9 2023
Open / close summary

On February 2 and 3, Paris Brain Institute hosted a clinical workshop dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases, as part of the CURE-ND Alliance. The topics covered included: clinical trial platforms, digital assessments and biomarkers, and preventive trials for genetic diseases under way among Cure-ND partners.

In addition to this program, talks, poster sessions, roundtables, startup pitches and awards have provided an opportunity for researchers and alliance members to reaffirm their commitment to urgently address the challenge of neurodegenerative diseases.

The third in a series of joint events, this new CURE-ND gathering forged a key moment to foster the exchange of know-how and expertise, encourage and promote new collaborations, accurately map the various clinical cohorts of research on neurological diseases conducted by the partners, and create a strong community of neurodegeneration researchers in Europe and beyond, for the benefit of patients.

The meeting was the occasion to reward two participants:

  • Best Poster Award: Georgina LOCKWOOD-TAYLOR (UKR DRI): Association between CT-Derived Volumetric Features and Amyloid-PET status in a Memory clinic cohort
  • Best talk award : Arpan MEHTA (UK DRI) : MND-SMART – Delivering innovation in clinical trials for neurodegenerative disorders.

ECR platform presentation prize

CURE-ND: catalyzing a united response in Europe to Neurodegenerative Diseases

 CURE-ND is a group of European not-for-profit research institutes (the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) in Great Britain, Mission Lucidity, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) in Germany and Paris Brain Institute in France), with a combined size of 2000+ researchers. Together, they want to understand the causes of neurodegeneration and use those insights to help patients and people at risk.

The CURE-ND Alliance believe that collaboration can enable to meet the challenges of neurodegenerative diseases more rapidly. It aspires to build a community of ideas and cooperative approaches.

Joint activities include:

  • Training, workshops, sharing of information, tools and know-how;
  • Grant writing and other mechanisms for financial support;
  • Lobbying for increased long-term support;
  • Promoting a culture of innovation and facilitating engagement with industry.


Next events of the CURE-ND Alliance:

March 2023: CURE-ND Workshop for Early Career Researchers (Leuven)

April 2023: BNA 2023 Festival of Neuroscience – CURE-ND Symposium (Brighton)