support Published January 23 2013
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Paris, on January 21st 2013 A new convention between the Institut du Cerveau – ICM and IPGM (Institution of social welfare member of Groupe KLESIA), was signed in the premises of the Institute, situated in Paris. This signature was made in the presence of Bernard Devy, President of the IPGM, Jean-Louis Jamet, Vice-president of the IPGM and Professor Gérard Saillant, President of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM. This convention joins in the continuity of the support brought by KLESIA via the IPRIAC, in the Institut du Cerveau – ICM since 2008. KLESIA makes a commitment so durably beside researchers of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM thanks to a 1 million euro support over 4 years. (Above: Pr Gérard Saillant, Mr Bernard Devy, Céline Amet.)



photo gallery

  • Pr Alexis Brice with Mr Bernard Devy.

  • Then the participants attended 3 scientific speeches in Auditorium and visited the laboratories and neuroimaging platform guided by young researchers.

  • Christian Schmidt de la Brélie, group KLESIA director

  • Speech by Pr Gérard Saillant, Institut du Cerveau - ICM President.

  • Speech by Jean-Louis Jamet, IGPM Vice-President

  • Speech by Bernard Devy, IPGM President

  • Presidents and vice-presidents of member institutions of Groupe KLESIA.

  • Pr Gérard Saillant with MM Jean-Louis Jamet andBernard Devy.