The ICM engaged with the march of science

Research Published April 20 2017
Open / close summary

The Brain and Spine Institute (Institut du Cerveau – ICM) is fully engaged with the march of science, because we consider it as an important national and international issue. In those moments when great scientific achievements are contested, it seems important that the Institut du Cerveau – ICM can express the scientist’s opinion and bring our perspectives based on knowledges and experiments in the debate.

In this context, Institut du Cerveau – ICM is and will remain a place of welcome, exchange and cooperation for scientists from all over the world. We are ready to welcome all our colleagues who are in France, in Europe, and who need a place of reception during this difficult period.

We are an Institute where 700 researchers, engineers and clinicians from 40 different countries work hand in hand. Inventiveness, creativity and the transmission of knowledge come precisely from this richness and diversity.

Science has neither walls nor borders. To isolate it by fierce protectionism would only undermine the quality and impact of our discoveries, the necessary international collaboration between researchers, and would be a hindrance to our freedom.