Healthy Mind and Uptale selected for STATION F's Future 40 ranking

IPEPS - The Healthtech Hub Published November 18 2020
Open / close summary

On November 18, Station F unveiled the second edition of its Future 40 ranking. 2 startups hosted in our incubator iPEPS -The Healthtech Hub are included: Healthy Mind and Uptale.

These start-ups were chosen among the 1.000 companies of STATION F according to different criteria such as their size and growth, their innovative technology, their expertise or their team.

Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind is a startup offering virtual therapies to relieve the pain and anxiety of hospitalized patients.

By combining neuroscience, psychology and virtual reality technologies, the company has developed and commercialized two products:

  • a virtual reality solution that uses the processing power of a computer to deliver real-time experiences while providing in-depth customization and personalized medical hypnosis features to healthcare professionals
  • a completely autonomous solution focused on on the friendliness, the user experience and the ergonomics.


Uptale is developing a training solution for companies using immersive learning. The startup deploys a cloud platform using virtual reality at scale and neurotechnologies to create and deliver 360° training.

The different modules made available to companies allow reinforcing the skills of operational teams, improving the onboarding of new employees or creating empathy in different situations.