Event Published March 22 2021
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The results of France Brain Bee 2021

The winners of the 2021 edition of the France Brain Bee competition are :

Classement Prénom Nom Nom de l’établissement d’enseignement
1 Alexis VITALIS Lycée Albert Londres
2 Soham KHISTY ICS Paris
4 Hugo KERMICHE Lycée Louis le Grand
5 Alexandre RAVEL Ecole Jeannine Manuel

“The online competition went very well overall and the various tests went perfectly and on time. On the Jeopardy event we managed to reproduce the atmosphere of the in-person competition and the tension was palpable on the faces of some participants. ” The organisers of the competition at the Paris Brain Institute

The same feeling was felt by the participants:

J.L: Thank you very much for organising this competition and giving us this opportunity!!! Congratulations to the winners!

A.K: It was a nice experience even through zoom. There was a lot of interaction and I loved it. Once again congratulations to all the participants & winners.

The Paris Brain Institute has organised the France Brain Bee competition on 20 March 2021!

The International Brain Bee (IBB) is an international neuroscience competition aimed at secondary school students. Its mission is to help students learn about the brain and its functions, inform them about careers in neuroscience and dispel misconceptions about brain diseases.

Since 2018, the Paris Brain Institute is pleased to be the official host of the national France Brain Bee competition. Due to the health context, it was not possible to hold this event in our premises as it was the case for the first edition, this year the third edition of the competition took place on 20 March 2021 online

Throughout the day, participants completed neuro-anatomy and neuro-histology tests, answered a neuroscience quiz and diagnosed a patient’s pathology through a new interactive test.

The winner of the France Brain Bee 2021 competition will participate in the International Brain Bee competition during the IBRO conference in September 2021 which was supposed to take place in San Diego CA, USA but due to the COVID 19 the international competition will also take place remotely.

In order to make this event happen we have worked closely with the non-profit organisation, Gifted in France, to enable as many French high schools as possible to participate in the national competition.

At the Paris Brain Institute, researcher Jacobo SITT led the involvement of expert researchers who help select the winning student on the day of the competition and provide a training session to prepare them for the international competition.

Want to know more? Visit the following link to discover the page dedicated to the competition:

About the International Brain Bee Competition

Founded by Dr Norbert Myslinski at the University of Maryland in 1999, the International Brain Bee Competition now has over 50 participating countries. IBB is a non-profit educational organization formed through partnerships with the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the Dana Foundation, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) and the American Psychological Association (APA).