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Neurophysiology Main domain: Neurophysiology Subdomain : Molecular & cellular neuroscience Jaime DE JUAN-SANZ’s team investigates mitochondrial dysfunction as a primary cause in epilepsy. Mitochondria plays a pivotal role for neuronal function, controlling three fundamental mechanisms that are essential for neuronal biology and synaptic transmission: 1) ATP production, 2) Ca2+ homeostasis and 3) apoptotic cell death. Using cutting-edge optical techniques to study bioenergetics in firing synapses in combination with precise metabolic and genetic manipulations, the team will work on developing a detailed molecular understanding of the role of synaptic mitochondrial metabolism in controlling neuronal function in health and disease.

This will:

  • Improve the limited understanding of the neurophysiological role of mitochondria in maintaining synaptic metabolic integrity
  • Provide a solid molecular framework to unravel the poorly understood molecular link between mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic epilepsies.
  • Help frame future investigations focused on improving mitochondrial bioenergetics in neurological diseases caused by dysfunctional mitochondria.

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