PHENO-ICMaze : rodent behavior service

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The rodent behavior Service assists academics and industrials to design and conduct research projects using behavioral testing to characterize new transgenic lines and therapeutic targets. The service provides more than 20 tests for mice and rats to ensure the success of research projects. PHENO-Institut du Cerveau – ICMaze is part of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM core facility network (small animal MRI, sequencing, vectorology, histology, microscopy…) which facilitates translational research.


Three activities are offered to support research projects at any step:
• Consulting: the team provides advice about design of experimental projects or protocols, adequate selection and use of specific behavioral tests, data analyses and manuscript writing
• Staff training: the team also proposes specialized training sessions for the use of specific equipment and software
• Room/Equipment rental: 12 procedure rooms including more than 20 behavioral
tests are available for rent


• Basic motor and sensory function: homecage scan, seizure scan, rotarod, locotronic, open field, actimeter, running wheel, Y maze, runway, treadmill, hot/cold plate, SHIRPA
• Learning and memory: Morris water maze, radial arm maze, fear conditioning, empathy chamber, object recognition
• Social behavior: group scan, sociability chamber
• Anxiety and depression-like behaviors: elevated plus maze, dark/light chamber, tail suspension, forced swim
• Metabolism/calorimetry: metabolic cages
• Attention: 5-9 holes
• Muscular strength: Grip strength meter, grid
• CleverSys software suite
• Any maze software (Stoelting)